UC Berkeley Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference (UC Berkeley)


UC Berkeley Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference (UC Berkeley)This project seeks to implement a two-day “UC Berkeley Financial Literacy and Economic Justice” Conference, an annual, campus-wide event open to all college students. It will be the first student-led and student-organize conference of its kind. On the first day of the conference, facilitators from dozens of student organizations, UC Berkeley faculty, and community partners will host a projected thirty lectures and workshops on various aspects of financial literacy and topics on socioeconomic inequality. Core workshop topics will include preparing a tax return, planning a personal budget, navigating student financial aid, and tackling the rising cost of tuition and housing. Students can opt to do public service around the Berkeley/Oakland area in pilot groups focusing on how to apply financial literacy skills to needy communities. Students may also choose to directly engage with student organizations and community partners on specific financial needs such as having their taxes filed for free. Finally, attendees will reflect on the entire conference — workshops, public service, keynote — in specially moderated groups by conference organizers.

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Host and Fellow Responsibilities

Host Organizations

  • Identify staff supervisor to manage I&E Climate Action Fellow
  • Submit fellowship description and tasks
  • Engage in the matching process
  • Mentor and advise students
  • Communicate with Berkeley program director and give feedback on the program.

Berkeley Program Director​

  • Communicate with host organizations, students, and other university departments to ensure smooth program operations

Student Fellows

  • Complete application and cohort activities
  • Communicate with staff and host organizations
  • Successfully complete assignments from host organization during summer practicum
  • Summarize and report summer experience activities post-fellowship